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Why My Soul Came To Maui: A Healing Journey With Resonance Therapy®
Why My Soul Came To Maui: A Healing Journey With Resonance Therapy® by Athena Terranobas & Dr. Sierra Levy
USD 24.00
Why My Soul Came To Maui: A Healing Journey With Resonance Therapy®
Athena Terranobas & Dr. Sierra Levy
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Publisher : Athena Terranobas
Imprint : Athena Terranobas
ISBN : 1452892121
A wealth of applicable "self-help" material, covering three Resonance Therapy® Seminars. "Furthermore, this brilliantly, radiant work is meant for readers from all parts of this planet–from the cultivated professional who is genuinely trying to support and guide their clients to health and abundant wellbeing to the layperson who has never heard of energy medicine, energy psychology, energy sociology or energy ecology before, and to all of those that seek to better themselves."–Dr. Sierra Levy.

Like many others, Athena Terranobas was spiritually and mysteriously guided to the healing land and waters of Maui, Hawaii, but she did not know why until she met Dr. Sierra L. Levy–creator of Resonance Therapy®. As Athena explores the infinite potential of Resonance Therapy’s® healing arts, she concurrently discovers a hidden past. For her ultimate healing, she receives a multitude of self-empowerment tools along with a healing compass and Meta Map. Navigating the map, Athena finds intimacy with the Infinite Creation of Light in ways she had never imagined. Through the illumination of her path, Athena shares a wealth of information as she explores relief, wholeness and enlightenment through Resonance Therapy®. The result is a remarkable experiential journey that reveals much about the human condition, its subtle energy field, and healing through the art of keeping in harmonious resonance with one’s energy field, the Deepest and Highest Good and Priorities in the Light. Athena reveals her experience so that others may also return to their True Selves, have an Innate Light Guidance System and enjoy the freedom and glee that comes with Resonance Therapy®.

Resonance Therapy® is an invaluable Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Energy Sociology and Energy Ecology healing arts meta-system that innovatively serves many needs from the physical to the metaphysical¬, including bio-psycho-social-spiritual-environmental. This fine-tuned, sophisticated system applies the right tools, interventions, methodologies, and soul-utions for the right person, place, or thing¬, or all–at the right place and the right time–to achieve one’s Deepest and Highest Good. Additionally, Resonance Therapy® is a meditation practice for wellness and wholeness that works for any age with the Highest Self and the Truth of the Light. This prolific body of wisdom also expounds on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Body-Mind-Spirit Healing * Energy Psychology *
Energy Medicine * Traditional Chinese Medicine *
Metaphysics * Hawaiian Lore 
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