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SOULSTICE - LUNA'S DREAM by Lance Dow, Keana Texeira
USD 2.99
Lance Dow, Keana Texeira
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Downloads : 17629
File Size : 1.41 M
Publisher : Red Tide Publishing
Imprint : Red Tide Publishing
ISBN : 9780578053721
LUNA’S DREAM is the first installment in the thrilling teen romance and action packed saga between 15-year old vampire and social outsider, Luna Tremaine and 16-year old closet introvert turned star quarterback, Paul James. Dangerous desires put their young love and the loyalty of family and close friends to the ultimate test with Luna’s and Paul James’ forbidden mingling of vampires and humans; breaking an eons old vampire code. The danger explodes when a trio of deadly and “vicious” teen vampire cheerleaders from powerful vampire families, the “Killer Bees”, set their bloodlust onto the prize of Luna’s, Paul James. Luna and best friend Lily Burgoyne take that danger to unbelievable heights in the thrilling climax of SOULSTICE: LUNA’S DREAM. 
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